Pain Of Others – real story

My name is Rajneesh (Changed Name ) . One day I was going from my home to the institution where I was taking coaching classes of J.E.E. I was getting late for the coaching classes. So I speeded up my bike. There was a trolley passing from that passage. As my bike was on high speed, I collided with the trolley I fell down on the ride. My leg started bleeding. I got many injuries on my body, head as well as face. I was crying with pain.

I was asking for help. But no body came near me to help. Everybody looked at me but did not pay attention about carrying me to the hospital. After one hour, my friend was passing from the same passage. He too was taking coaching from the same institution. Where I was taking. He saw me and stopped his bike. He picked me up and brought me to the hospital with great difficulty. My leg was completely injured. When no body was paying attention toward me on the road, I thought about myself. I had not grudges with anyone.

As I too whenever saw the accidents on the road, did not ever think of taking that guy to the hospital or for helping him/ her. But at that time I was feeling that we must feel the pain of others. We should every effort to help the injured person. It is the greatest service on the earth. In this way, you would really get the blessings of God by serving the humanity in this way. We should not even hesitate for donating blood even in such severe cases. Now two years have passed since this incident happened to me. But that pain which I felt on the road helped me to realise the pain of others. Now whenever, I saw this type of case wherever, I never hesitate to volunteer myself for help. We should never be selfish in such situations because we could also be on the place of that injured person. In this way we do not save only a single person, but his family also from going to ruin.

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