keep off temptation – moral story

A well dressed man is all set to leave soon for some foreign land. He has in the baggage some contraband i.e., the goods forbidden to be taken out of the country without permission. They are banned by law. A person carrying such goods is punishable under law.

So, this gentleman hides them so cleverly that no one can easily detect it. As he reaches the custom- barrier, his baggage is screened as a routine, but a watchful and trained eye of a custom officer detects it and orders his staff to open and check his baggage.

They find a lot of currency of U.S. dollars in it. Soon, the currency is confiscated and the gentleman is arrested. Instead of making a lot of profit by smuggling he lands up in jail.

Everyday we come across such cases where people undertake many unlawful activities which hold promise of big money but are caught doing it.

Temptation to get rich quickly is so great that they do not mind the risk. Their will –power becomes very weak at the thought of dreams of rewards. They are unable to keep off temptation. They can’t control themselves.

Temptation is a fearful word. It shows the beginning of a series of unending evils. One wrong act leads to another wrong one. It is the ringing of an alarm bell, like the sudden cry of ‘Fire!’ under our window by night which should make us act at once.

Most people do not mind this warning. They feel weak in the face of temptation. They have a weak will-power and do what they should not. They can’t get over the urge, only those who have enough inner strength manage to overcome this.

An iron will acts as a shield against temptation. Temptation may act with its full force but firm will does not give in before it. On the other hand, it overcomes the temptation within no time.

Difficulties, discouragement and temptation are very strong weapons of satan. They make a person sinful. One needs the shield of an iron will self – confidence and faith in God to cope with all these evils.

Sometimes, difficulties also make a person weak and he loses a grip on himself. They dishearten a person and often make him lose his calm. In such a situation, only self – confidence of a person helps. A self- confident person acts very wisely and keeps cool and calm. He does not do any wrong and is able to keep off temptation of any kind to get out of the difficult situation.

A self- confident person faces difficulties smilingly and with courage. He never feels helpless and weak. He keeps acting the right way to win his goal. Nothing can push him backwards as long as he continues to believe in himself and his strength.

Faith in God is the best weapon to fight any temptation. As soon as a person starts acting with true ‘ faith in God’ no evil idea can distract him. He keeps on the right path.

Faith in God is very important and necessary for our life. Since God has given us everything, we should turn to him in our moments of weakness. We should pray and place our faith in God in our troubles and difficulties. This enables a person to remain cheerful and calm even when things go wrong in life.

God guides us through our conscience. If you obey the voice of your conscience, you’ll never fall prey to any temptation. No evil will weaken your hold on yourself. You’ll keep off any forbidden activity howsoever attractive the reward may be.

Thus, it is very important to have strong will – power, self – confidence and faith in God to overcome temptations in life. You’ll feel as strong as a rock against the strong winds of temptations.

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