order and time – moral story

In the previous lesson you have learnt how self – reliance helps a person to progress on his own. Hand in hand with this value go ‘order and time’ , i.e, order- liness and punctuality.

Orderliness means that everything of yours is kept well- arranged. Nothing is kept at sixes and sevens that is here and there. If your books are kept in perfect order you have no difficulty in finding them when you need them. You will save a lot of time and energy, which you will be able to use in your studies. Moreover, it’ll save you a lot of tension of looking for a book or a notebook when you need it most.

You can enjoy this comfort only when you have learnt to be methodical. It needs enough patience to acquire this habit. Once you have trained yourself to keep your things in order and at the proper place you will love doing it. After all, the advantages are too many for a little effort.

You should always remember ‘a place for everything, everything in place.

The greatest advantage of orderliness is that you will feel in order as a whole. Your mind will also think properly and clearly. Order is a sort of power. It is an inward liberty it is a free command over oneself.

Think of the person who is just the opposite that is disorderly. He is never at peace with himself. He will put his things here and there. Sometimes some people try to hide things lest they should be lost, but they hide them in such a way where neither the owner nor anybody else can find them. When they really need those things they fumble and stumble without any result. They do not find them when they need them most.

A disorderly student never gets his books and notebooks at the proper time. Disorderly people feel nervous and blame others for misplacing their important papers. They are not aware that if there is anybody to be blamed. It is them

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rule of keeping things in order and at the proper place. Whether you are in school or anywhere else follow this rule. A life of order and discipline makes you smart and saves much of your time. It makes you methodical.

With orderliness punctuality is connected. Punctuality means ‘keeping the timings’ of various jobs with care. To manage each and every minute of yours also means orderliness in time management. You make a set routine of doing certain things at a certain time.

For example, you go out to play daily, you must see to it that you are back home sharp at 7 P.M. for your homework and self – study for two hours. You may be busy in your game, but you must disengage yourself, i.e., free yourself as per your time – table.

Surely, a sense of punctuality makes you very active and smart.

A punctual person never makes another person wait even for a minute. It saves a lot of tension to both the parties. If you were late for a birthday party by an hour, what would happen to the other guests waiting for the party? They’ll be held up for nothing. Everyone’s time will be wasted. Thus, you will cause a lot of tension and discomfort to others. Moreover nobody appreciates this kind of behaviour.

Shakespeare said in one of his play:

“ Better be three hours too soon than one minute too late.”

A person who is not punctual has to rush through activities. Rushing and running to make up for the lost time makes people very nervous and tense. To do proper thing at the improper time is a bit of a tall order – a difficult job. Nobody can do justice to the job.

Therefore, you must make your time – table right from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. Follow your set order.

You should frame your time – table in such a way that you have ample time for exercise both in the morning and in the evening, school, play, homework and recreation. Proper distribution of time for different jobs is a must. Do things in a proper way at the proper time.

It is rightly said:

“Better late than never” is not half so good a maxim as better never late.”

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