Life without Parents – very painful story

My name is Aakriti (changed Name ). This is my true painful story. I’m living in my relative’s home. When I was 12 years old, my mother expired. I have my little sister named inaa (changed Name ). I and my sister got alone as life without mother is nothing. I was trying to care for inaa. I do not want inaa to feel that she has no mother. We are living with our father. My father loves us a lot but nobody can take place of mother. We love our father a lot but he doesn’t take care of him. He has diabetes problem still he don’t take precautions. He drinks a lot. As time passed his diet of decreased day by day due to the medicines he was taking and due to his drinking habit. I was worried for my father a lot.
One day came he got fever, I called a doctor. Doctor came and gave medicines for him He did not respond well. He told me to take my father outside for the better treatment. I called to my aunt (my father’s sister) and uncle (my father’s brother). They came and helped me to take my father to some better hospital. We went to Chandigarh at PGI. Doctor tried a lot to save him. He came outside and said to me”my daughter “I have very less time”. I was like just crying and crying.
I was thirteen years old and my father expired. I gave a hug to my little sister. We both got alone in the whole big world. Nobody care for us. We both got alone. We have our own home but we have no right to live there. As my grand father has also been expired. And my aunt live in our home but they treat me and my sister as a servant of the whole home. Even not servant she behaves badly than we do with our servants.
I and my sister got separated. I was living with my uncle (Chachi-Chacha g) and my sister was living with other relatives ( bua ji and uncle g)
At and now we both have been separated. Her condition is good as my aunt ( bua g) is soft and kind hearted. My cousins are also were very nice in nature.
But I am living with my aunty-uncle ( chachi-chacha g). My aunt treats me very badly. I awake at 5:00 AM or at 6:00 Am in the morning. At 6:00 Am I start to do whole work of the home like washing, cleaning the home, dusting, washing clothes, utensils, to prepare food for cooking, everything I do. My aunt has a son who always beat me but nobody listens to me as they beat me and tell me not to cry. They scold me: “keep silent, do not cry”. What can I do more? I am very fearful and living in that home. I cannot tell all this to my uncle ( Chacha g) as I don’t know why he is ignoring my aunty and his son. It is difficult for me to spend life like this but I’m spending. I have no other option as I have no parents.

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