Triangle true Love story

This is the story of my batchmate. We were studying in same college. I have a good friend circle where jiya (Changed name ) and jatin (Changed Name) are one of them. That was our fifth semeter running in the college. Some placement companies came in the college. My friend Jatin got placed in the MNC as a software Engineer. I and jiya were still trying for the placement. We were as usual studying and we completed our B.Tech degree. Our all of friends were settled in their respective places. My friend Jatin propsed jiya after completion of the degree. The conversation between jiya and Jatin is:-
Jatin:- Hi jiya
Jiya:– hi Jatin.
Jatin:- As you know our is completed now, I want to say you something.
Jiya:– Hm yes?
Jatin :- jiya I’m well settled now. I like you. If you will say I can talk to your Parents.
Jiya smiled and said: – You are my good friend. I always liked you and I know you can be the good life – partner too.
So Jiya accepted Jatin’s proposal.
Jatin told Jiya:- After one month I will come back and will talk to your Parents.
Jiya agreed.
They were talking at phone till then.
One day Jatin’s best friend Ramesh met jiya.
Their conversation was like:-
Ramesh told jiya: – Hi jiya! Im Jatin’s best friend you know?
Jiya replied: – Yeah, He told me at phone.
How’s your work?
Ramesh replied: – It is good. You say?
You did not get bore here in your free timings as Jatin is always busy at work.
Jiya told: – Yeah you know na. He has lots of work and has no time to talk to me.
Ramesh: – Do you love him?
Jiya: – Yeah! He is good. But I want him to give his some time for me. He always seems busy at work.
I know he loves me. And true love is all about to understand each other. I know him and can understand him.
Ramesh asked: – Is this true love jiya?
Riya answered: – Yes.
Ramesh: – jiya you are really very nice girl. You know I saw girls who like to spend time with guy’s money and package. But you want his time from him.
Riya: – No, All girls are not like that.
Ramesh: – I have many girl friends but all loves my money.
Riya told: – Hm, No it’s not applicable to all.
Ramesh and jiya continued to talk for long hours at day and at full nights.
One day Ramesh told Jiya: – jiya I like you… I love you…
Jiya answered: – but I don’t like you.
I only like Jatin and love him only.
She was leaving and Ramesh told: – Do not lie from yourself atleast.
I know you love me and always want to spend time with me.
One day Jiya agreed with Ramesh Proposal and they were in affair.
Jatin come back from his job. I called to jatin to know about jiya as she was late that day for home and her mother is calling me to know about her so I thought she will be with Jatin. But jatin told: – she is not with me. But I m going to meet her and I will leave her at her home.
I said: – Ok.
Jatin went to meet jiya and saw jiya with Ramesh. He came to know about their affair.
He said only: – jiya your’s mother is calling you for home.
Jiya came with jatin at car and she told him: – Im sorry. Im very sorry. You can scold me and you can say anything to me.
Jatin:- Do you like him and want to marry her.
She said:-yes
Jatin said ok and now you go it’s late. Your mother is waiting for you. She went to her home.
Jatin dropped jiya and went to Ramesh.
Jatin said: – Ramesh I know you both love each other.
I will not come in both of your ways. I will leave your path.
Ramesh told: – Hey..?? Who loves Jiya?
Don’t you know me? You are my good friend.
Jatin:- What?
Ramesh:- Jatin you know me naa. I have affair with many like sheela, neelam (changed Name )and many more. Now what? I will marry to all? She is special for you and not for me ok?
Jatin:- But she is not like that. She likes you and wants to marry you.
Ramesh told Jatin: – You know what Jiya was saying to me? She was giving me lecture about true love. And what she did? You go away and she was with me, in my room.
Jatin got angered and slapped Ramesh.
Jatin has got fight with him.
This was jatin’s true love that he was still with jiya to support her when she left him.

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