Hello guyz ,I am a boy of 19yr old from chhattisgarh but lives in odisha(papa job),and currently studing in a college of chhattisgarh and now I am in 2nd year…
2 years back in class 12 (from odisha)I had lot of friends ,so I really enjoyed that time ,having fun ,making new friends ,joining parties etc. I thought I will have these friendship forever but it was not so. After 12th I get back to chhattisgarh for further studies and each friend said that we will be in contact. I was leaving in college hostel with my two room mates and became best chuddy buddy friends We always supported each other and did too much fun .Despite of this I always contacted all my previous friends . But only after 2 weeks I get to know that I am no longer in friendzone of my previous friends. Only I call them , text them first etc… sometimes I feel very lonely because I have no friends from my past its my in only present,but roomate always supported me and we indulged in many exciting works I was thinking that we will be best friends forever . After 1st year we have to leave the hostel as it was only for freshers. One of friends get to another hostel of college, another get to home and taking up down, I stayed in Pg near the hostel with some other friends (not from my branch), they are also good friends to me but only after 3-4 days I got to know that they have totally changed ,they behave like I am not there (busy in themselve only) when I started getting to college I felt that my room mate who lives in hostel has also changed . He didnt talk to me nor saw me . I feel like he is proud of him more because he is in hostel , so college time also I always got bored . Despite of these he makes fun of me because I am skinny. They never act like that before . Now I feel totally lonely . Sometimes I cry for emptiness… no calls ,no txt ,no chat ..
my life has become worst tha a hell.
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