Love Confession by Girl

Well I am an 18 years old girl a college going student. I had been dating this guy who is in 2nd year now in college. It had been 9 months to our relationship but suddenly he blocked me from all social networking sites. On asking his sister about the matter she said he doesn’t want to b with me anymore. He promised me to be with forever he promised never to leave no matter how hard the situation is and even met my mom also. He didn’t want to meet or keep any link with me. After few days he saw me talking to some other guy he was continuously looking at me. After that day I heard this news about his dating with some other girl. The band the gift I gifted him he has given to someone else. He made such promises like swearing up his mom and stuff but left me. He just gave one stupid reason about trust I have trust issues I used to doubt him so did he also but I never broke up with him when he had even raised his hand on me . I asked him several times for a chance but he is so egoistic such a male dominant. I truly love him still but I give up some way because I don’t think he is gonna realize my worth anyways. If someone can help me out that how to make him realize it would be great full Thanks

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