Love is blind

This is the story of a girl who was living with her grandmother and had no Parents. She was doing MBBS from one of the good colleges. It was her first day in college and she was told to sing the song for the first person who will enter the gate. She went near the gate and one woman was coming.
She said: – Thank God! No problem to sing now. But the woman came and has moved back from the gate itself.
She thought what she would do if Professor came.
Now that Professor was coming from the gate. He was physics lecturer.
She sang and her professor told: – It’s Disguisting! I’m your teacher.
She remained silent.
Next day some seniors came and started doing ragging of her. At the same time the same professor was crossing from there and he saved her from the seniors ragging. He called all those seniors to his cabin and told; – You know ragging is strictly prohibited in the college. You all will be punished for this. You can go now.
The girl named Supriya (Changed Name ) came to meet the professor and she said: – Thank you Sir.
She told at that time I was told to sing and I sang on that day. Sorry for this.
I never liked professors but from now I do like.
Her Professor saw her: – Mind your language.
She replied: – What would you do? Would you complaint to Principal sir?
He just left the position. He had a lecture and after the class Supriya gave letter to that Professor in which it was written:-I like you.
He met her after the class and said: – I’m your Teacher. Respect your teachers.
She replied then it does not matter if you are my professor?
He replied: – I’m 29 years old and I am elder 12 years than you.
If you will be of 25 then also I can think about this. Please remove this kind of thinking from your brain
One day she was crying and was saying: – Please don’t leave me. I’m already very alone.
He replied: – Don’t worry. We all are with you.
Next day she saw the professor with some girl. They were talking and laughing together.
She saw them and after that she went to that girl’s home and was asking: – Who are you?
She replied: – Why should I tell you who I’m?
Supriya replied: – Because you don’t know me. But you don’t know what I can do?
I can kill you.
She (Ishika , Changed Name) replied: – Are you mad?
She replied: – I love Jeet (her Professor , Changed name).
Please don’t follow him. Otherwise result will be very bad.
Ishika dialed Jeet’s number and Jeet listened all that conversation.
Jeet also reached to Ishika’s home and told supriya:- Supriya leave Ishika.
Supriya told: – I will not. First you tell her, you love me.
Jeet said: – Ishika I love Supriya.
Supriya Now you leave Ishika.
She left ishika and came to jeet. Jeet pushed her and he held ishika.
He said: – Please improve yourself supriya.
Supriya is now admitted in mental hospital and she only repeats the line: – “Jeet loves me and only loves a lot”.

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