Infidelity – There is no true love on earth

My name is simrandeep kaur (Changed Name ) . I am 28 years old I had love affair with a boy who was my class mate. He himself had proposed me for the friendship. He was mad after me and was ready to do anything for me. Our friendship continued for four years. As I was of marriageable age my parents started discussing with me about the suitors.

They were ready to get me married as early as possible. They had selected a guy for me for marriage. But I was not at all willing to marry with him as I was already in affair with a guy I had feeling that I would not be happy after marriage if I marry to any other guy except my boy friend. Our relationship was not just limited to friendship. It had taken the shape of a love both physical and spiritual. So I told my parents that I do not want to marry with any other guy except the guy with whom I was in love.

My parents scolded me a lot and they were not willing to marry me with that guy with whom I was in love because he belonged to different caste. He belonged to **** community and I was ****. Seeing that my parents would never understand me, I discussed the whole thing with that guy and he suggested me for getting married in the court. Both of us reached in the court at the appointed and got married over there after that I came back to my home.

After few months the court declared us as husband wife and he came in our home for taking me in his home with policemen. My parents got panicked when they saw this all but I had to go. I went in to guy’s home under the protection of policemen. I was warmly welcomed by my in – laws family. But my in – laws family’s attitude changed toward me after two months. I had a sister in law. She started interfering in every matter related to me. My mother in law always supported my sister in law. She even started saying things against me to my husband. My husband too started supporting them.

I started feeling myself completely alone. I often thought that is this the same guy who was willing to do anything for me but now is not paying even a little bit attention to my feelings. After some time he started beating me even though I was pregnant. I had already left my own parents by running away from the home. But behaviour of my husband to me changed my thinking about love. There is not true love in the world. All the boys are feeling less. They can never understand the feelings of girls. For them love is only physical not spiritual. When I discussed about this with my parents. They got too much worried about me. They came in my in laws home and brought me back to my home when they saw the treatment of my in laws toward me. Now I am doing job in a school and rearing my baby boy. It is my humble request to every youngster that there is no love on this earth. We should love our parents only as only they are our well wishers.

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