Love is Far Beyond Imagination



19 April 2015  a day that changed my life… when I was doing my Btech, I  use to share my room with my best fiend ,after some time my friend who was very shy ,less spoken got attached with a beautiful ,frank girl who I suppose was not serious about my friend but they were together I thought after some time they gonna break up far sure as they were having totally opposite nature. Meanwhile in after last sem I moved to USA with family  and he got placed in India in a MNC , and after some time we got disconnected due to busy lives. This year I came back to India after 8 years, I tried to contact my Friend many time but I didn’t got any response anywhere , I  contacted all my college mates and we did reunion , in reunion I was told by friends that our friends died 3 years back, It was shocking for me , I decided to visit his home, I went there and saw at his home 4 old people were there happily living I introduced myself they treated me very well, then after spending some time I was about to go out from the gate I saw the same girl standing there .


I was speechless at that time ,seriously I was so wrong ,my interpretations were totally opposite to the reality the girl was taking care of parents of my friend as well as her own as my friend was the only son of his parents .I talked with her ,she went back from her office ,she told me the whole story how she managed everything .and I am still in guilt that how wrong was i. and now the respect for the girl is doubled .a great salute to the Lady. Who loved a person in such a way that , taking care of his parents even after the man is dead. And she is happily doing that. And I seriously I realized love is beyond Imagination


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