Miss u dad



This is a Confession for my  FATHER I am 22 years old and graduated this year. I want to tell you that My father passed away six months ago. He was fighting with cancer for past three years. He spent his last time in lot of pain. A couple months before his death, he confessed to me something.

My father was a simple and honest man, not very rich but able to make a decent living for his wife and two children. He was good at heart but not very outspoken. He was brilliant but due to his lack of interpersonal skills, he could not build a very successful career. What he confessed to me was that my mother resented him because of this. My parents had an arranged marriage. I was shocked to hear that my mother chose my father mainly because she expected a lot of success and riches. But when he didn’t become all that, she started avoiding him. She loved him still, but he could sense that sadness in her. He could sense that she wanted more than a middle class life. Seeing her sad, broke my dad. He told me that his last regret is that he could not fulfill my mom’s dreams.

Ever since he has told me this, it has changed my views about marriage and love. I don’t know whether to blame my mother or to blame the society which has such skewed parameters for success. I am also like my father. I lack interpersonal skills mostly because I don’t like to be around too many people. I got placed at very good company at a handsome package and would fit in society’s defined criteria of a successful person, but this success only makes me feel sad. I wish I could show people that my father was more successful then I will ever be, after all whoever I am today is all because of him. Miss  you Dad


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