love is physical not spiritual

Hi friends My name is P…… I am 20 years old studying in a college. Before three years I started loving a boy and I still love him. I do not know either he loved me as passionately as I did to him. But the boy with whom I was in love was well known for doing flirt with the girls. But I did not believe it at all he discussed each and everything to me linked to his life. One day he asked me for meeting in a restaurant I went there to meet him. But his intentions were looking fine. So I left the restaurant and went back to my home. When he called me and asked me the reason of going out of the restaurant I told him that I am not that type of girl. When he heard these words he got angry & asked me what was the need of coming too near to me if you do not want to in involve with me. I explained him love is not always physical it could be spiritual also. He disconnected the phone after listening these words. One day I saw him in the same restaurant in which he had called me with some another girl. As I was fully devoted to him I could not believe my eyes. I asked him what was going on here. He got perplexed when he saw me at that place and started ignoring me. When I called him on another day and asked him about that girl he told me that,” she is my girl friend & I love her too. I could not believe my ears. He told me that for me love is always physical not spiritual in which you believe. I disconnected the phone. But I want to ask the readers if love is just physical or not spiritual for the boys if it could be so then it can happen to anyone at anywhere.

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