The Lust of a baby – true story

My name is….. I am 35 years old. Five years have passed to my marriage. An accident occurred when I was traveling on the road. Due to that accident doctor told me that you will never be able to give birth to a baby. Only four months had passed to my marriage when that accident took place. Everything consoled me for some time as I was in much tension after listening this bad news from the doctor.

But now as five years have passed to my marriage and I have not given birth to any baby my in laws family often blames me for the baby. They often don’t behave properly with me. They ignore me sometime. Sometime I feel I am not part of the family as I am not able to fulfill the wish of my in-laws of giving birth to a boy.

Although my husband loves me a lot but I feel his love to me has decreased with the time and he too remains upset when he comes to know that the couple who married much later to us have given birth to their babies. My life has become fully colorless and disinterested. I want to adopt a baby but my in-laws family do not want me to do so.

They say that they do not believe on the reports of the doctors. If there will be God’s will I will surely give birth to the baby. Few days back I listened that my mother-in-law was convincing my husband for another marriage for the purpose of a baby I was completely shocked when I heard it from my mother-in-laws.

After this incident I tried many times to commit suicide but every time I failed to do so. I just want a baby either mine or adopted. But my-in-laws family is completely against it. What should I do. Suggest me the way which could help me to come out of my problem.

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