Love is so difficult

This is the story of two persons who were studying in college. Their  name  was Tarun and Tiya (Changed Name ) . Tiya and Tarun liked each other. Tiya’s father was very strict and did not allow her to talk to boys. One day Tiya and Tarun were coming from college. There was some other batch-mates of the college who surrounded Tarun and asked for tiya. They started fighting. Tiya was going but came when she listened the fighting sound, she fought with all of them and saved Tarun from them.

There was conversation between Tarun and tiya:- like this:-

Tarun said: – Tiya you always save me from them.

I should do this, but you do my work always. I’m a boy so this is my responsibility. I’m not coward.

Tiya said: – who told you that you are craven?  You are very sweet… When I was in 10th class. I thought to marry you only. And you always Topped in the class?

Tarun said:- In this small age?

Tiya said: – Why ? Can’t small age people have feelings?

Tarun had smile on his face- hm ok.

Tiya lets go somewhere outside to enjoy?

Tarun told yeah we will go in your birthday.

Tiya :- ok.

The guy named Pawan (Changed Name ) in the college met Tiya one day and said?

Pawan:-Hey Tiya I like you.

Tiya:-I like Tarun only. Please leave my way.

Pawan :-I will not. Be my girl friend.

Tiya slapped him and moved ahead.

Nextday Pawan started fighting with Tarun and beat him a lot.

Pawan mets Tiya and said: – Are you looking Tarun’s condition?

Tiya said: – Leave these types of work. And keep Tarun away from this matter.

Pawan:- Yeah I will do, if you become my girl friend.

Tiya said: – Ok I’m your girl friend. Now leave.

Pawan: – then come close to me.

Pawan hurted Tiya. Tiya went to her home and cried a lot.

In the same time her door was knocked.

She said: – Tarun Please go, now I do not want to talk.

He again knocked.

She said: – Please go. I don’t want to talk to anyone.

But still door was knocking again and again. Finally she opened the door and saw Pawan in front of her.

She told him to go.

Pawan replied: – No I will not.

You have to dance with me in today’s college function.

Tiya said: – I will not. Now I will not do anything.

Think again as you know my only one friend is enough to beat Tarun.

She said: – Ok I will do.

There was party in the college. It was Pawan and Tiya’s who came on stage. In the mid of dance Pawan insulted Tiya. Tarun saw this and kept his eyes closed.

Everybody was laughing at Tiya.

After the party Tarun met Tiya and said: – We will not tolerate more.

Tiya:- Yeah I have no more tolerance power. I will not come to college now.

Tarun said:- You will come.

Tarun kept his hand on her hand.

(Tiya remembered her previous sayings when she had with Tarun.

Once she said tarun :- if you will give your hand to my hand , I will never leave it.

By thinking this she agreed that she will come to college.

Next day she came and again Pawan came to Tiya and misbehaved with her. Tarun also came there and was trying to save Tiya. Tiya Picked up the flower pot and dropped on the Pawan’s head. Pawan fell down and became unconscious. Tiya and Tarun held their hands to each other and they changed their college.

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