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This is my story when I changed my job. I did and I gave interview in IT company. I got selected in that. They told me to join on same day me. The joining date came near. But I got fever before my joining date.
I called in the morning to HR and said: – Sorry I will unable to come today because I have fever. So can I join in some other day, when I will be well?
He replied: – Ok. We will discuss it with management.
Next day I called them to ask. They said: – The vacancy is filled now and we would inform if we will have openings.
I thought , how can it be filled in single day.
This was strange to me as I worked in previous company and they never told like that. And always gave leaves and did the late joining in emergencies. I also informed them soon before office timing and also told the reason.
So I thought ok. It’s their wish.
I told it to my Parents they said: – Ok beta reply them ok and say thanks to inform. We are not needy and if they are reacting like this you do the same.
I replied them
After 3 hours I got call from the company to join.
I replied:- Ok but you were saying you did the recruitments lately.
They said:– Yeah but now you are welcome to join.
I replied:– Ok.
My mom dad came with me to drop as it was the new place for me. We found the company location was not good and even it was looking in bad condition. The way to company was also broken and it was in undeveloped village. To see this location I missed my previous company’s location that how good and beautiful it was. I thought where I came now.
My mom told:– Beta is it where this company was in located. I said mom. I did not know. I came first time and it was not discussed at phone. She told me to go back at home with them and leave to join.
I said: – No Mom. I will see the first day if we came. May be there will be the things to learn.
I joined the company. HR introduced me with the managing director. She was MCA and her experience, knowledge was also less than me but was working as managing director.
I introduced myself with all employees of the company and I found all cooperative except MD of the company.
I noticed that the company was not looking like company but it was looking like a structure of shop. But still I kept the patience.
I continued for it.
I asked MD of the company about work and she told me, to ask Ravneet (Some employee of the company)
He told me about work and I saw it was the same work that I was doing in the previous company.
I told:-I would like to do new work as this is the reason only I joined this company.
They said: – They have not now, if they will have they will assign. They changed their statement. What they said me they did not did.
I continued for work and it was the evening time I came to home. 2 days passed in the company. It took 2 hours to go and 2 hours to come back from the company. And there were total 4 hours spent in the up-down.
I came at home and went to my room. I slept.
My mom –dad was calling me to watch the TV and to take dinner. But I refused.
My mom came to me and said: – Beta you are not looking satisfied with this job. So I want you to leave this job. You have no need to do.
I told mom: – Yeah mom. But I wanted to learn and I tell all to my mother.
So they said: – see beta it takes four hours to up-down the company and still you are not satisfied with the company’s work so what’s the use to go there?
I said: – Yes mom you are right and I left the company.
At evening I thought Mom:-Should I really not go to the company.
Mom said: – Yeas beta. You should not because you are not comfortable with that job. My mom supported me a lot at that time.
So finally I left and informed them I will not come to the company.
My mom told: – Search for the good one for the better career.
Now I searched a job for me and found that job good and satisfied. I do work there as my desire and also the attitude of employers is also good. My job’s location is also very good now.
So I’m very thankful to my Parents to support me at those moments, where I did not want to act on.

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