Love jihad – based on real story

My name is sonia (Changed name) I am from Delhi. I want to share a story which I had watched on the news channel in that news that girl’s name was…. She was doing job in a mall. She was extremely innocent and beautiful there was a boy in the mall who was doing the same job. Both of them fell in love with each other. Some how the girl was able to convince her parents for her marriage with that guy. Her parents got convinced with much difficulty and got her married with that guy. After marriage that girl came to know that the guy to whom she has married had not disclosed the whole identity to her he had told some another name to her. But his real name was… which showed that he was from some other religion. Secondly he came to know that the home in which he was living was on rent but he had told that this home is his own property. She was extremely shocked to know about this all. But somehow she managed and did not tell anything to her parents as she was exceedingly in love with that guy and did not want to leave him at any cost.

After two months of her marriage his husband’s behaviour changed to her. He started forcing her adopting his religion. But she did not want to do so as she had accepted that guy anything about his religion then why was he not able to accept the girl of some other religion. After some months he started beating her and calling names to her on the basis of religion. After some months it became unbearable for her to live in that home with that guy as he was too much brutal in nature. That guy even had put restrictions on her. He always stopped her for going in to the home of her parents. But some how she managed to move from the home as that guy had gone for buying vegetables and fruits for the home. She went into her parental home and told everything to her parents. Her parents were shocked to listen this all and wept bitterly because they were cheated. Moreover that girl was the single child of her parents.
On the next morning her father filed a complaint to the police about the whole incident. By telling this story, I want to make the people alert about what is happening all around the world and we should always think for hundred times before taking any final decision and specially related to the marriage which changes the whole of the person.

As a girl, I think that there should be justice. The culprit should be severely and justice must be appended to the girl.

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