incomplete love story

My name is jai (changed name) I am from kapurthala. I belong to a middle class family. One year ago. I fell in love with a girl who was exceedingly beautiful . Our friendship continued for six months. After that some body from our area told her parents that their daughter is engaged with someone. After that her parents stopped her from coming out of the home. That girl’s family’s standard was higher than us our castes were same but perhaps because of class differences they were not getting ready for the marriage.
Her (my girl friend) friend told me the pitiable condition of my beloved. So I could not resist myself for going in to her home. I went in to her home. His parents ignored me completely. But I established contact with them and asked which thing do they not like in me I told I would try to improve myself to every extent just for the sake of their daughter. They said that their standard of living doesn’t match with his family. Rather they want to select that guy for their daughter which must be even higher than their own status and told that their daughter would not remain happy in his home and would not be able to adjust over there. At that time I told them if I grow rich then would they be able to change their decision. Their answer was ‘yes’.

They gave me the time of Six months for growing rich. I worked hard for day and night and with in those days I earned five lakhs I went in to their home and told about my success. Some how they got ready for the marriage. We were engaged and the date of my marriage was fixed I was feeling myself very lucky as I was getting my beloved as my wife. Just before fifteen days of my marriage my father died and the date of my marriage was extended to the next month. A mishappening occurred during those days. After my father’s death, my grand mother assigned the whole property to my uncle. She did not give even a single penny to us from the property I felt much pained. But when my beloved’s parents came to know about it, they immediately changed their decision of marrying their daughter to me. They were of the thinking that property is the most necessary thing for the happy household. This was a sudden blow on my feelings out of which I was not able to come out. As I had dreamt many dreams for coming days I had thought that now the days of sadness are over and I would start my life afresh with my beautiful wife.

But destiny had decided something else for me. At that time I realized that just by doing hard work one can not get everything. Stars must be in your favors also. Destiny plays a great role in human’s life and we remain more puppet before it. Now my beloved has been married of to some another guy which their parents understood most favorable for her and I am still alone and has stopped dreaming about the happy. Future because when the dreams break these give too much pain to our heart which is unbearable and I do not have any more capacity to bear it.


  1. Is this real story of your life if yes then remember the full form of pain ( positive attitude in negative situation).

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