love or parents – one sided love story

My name is Jatin (Changed Name ) . I am of 23 years old. I started liking a girl. She studied in the same college where I was studying. I proposed her for many times. But everytime her answer was ‘no’. I was mad after her. I used every method to attract her toward me. I even talked to her friends (girls) for suggesting me to her. But they all told me that she is not that sort of girl and she does not have interest in these type of things. She is studious and intelligent girl. I followed her own the way. But she always ignored me.

She even changed the way from where she used to go because she had noticed that I follow her daily. Now it was clear from her behaviour that she was not at all interested in me. My friends know this all. They always suggested me that there are many other girls also who are very beautiful. They will come to him even for purposing one time. But I do not know what was in that girl which was attracting me toward her and there was not any corner of my heart empty for any other girl.

I was ready to do anything for that girl. I started ignoring my study because of my frustration. I started using drugs because of my unfulfilled love. There was one of her friend who knew me fully. I tried my best time to time to convey my message to her friend so that she could accept me as her friend and talk to me even for a single time. I spent my full four years running after her love so that I could listen even a single word of love from her.

But there was not even a single ray of hope. My mother was not healthy. She was suffering from a disease. I could not pay attention to her because of my frustration. Everybody in the home had come to know about this thing as one of my friend had revealed it to my Papa. When my Papa had asked him the reason of my taking the drugs. My family did every effort to bring me out from that situation. They tried to divert my attention to some other things. Because of knowing my habit of taking drugs my mother passed away as she was ill healthy earlier also. But the heart of that girl did not melt even for a single time. I lost everything for her. But she is enjoying her life as she is enjoying her life as she has got good job in a company but I have ruined my future altogether. It is my humble request to every youngster that we should not run after a single girl these creatures do not have hearts.

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