Cheat By Father – pain of a Girl

My name is Sonia (Changed name) , here i am sharing my very painful story where i was cheated by my family . i think it is story of all common girls of society where family gives more importance to boys then girls. I’m doing a Government job and I’m living with my Parents and brother. My brother do not work as from starting he was not interested in studies or work. My dad usually talked to him for the work or to do the business. He opened the business for him but he left it. One day he ran from the home because all were saying him for work.

I did my graduation and gave exams in Public sector. I cleared that and started doing job. It is really good to join the job and to work in such a big organization. One moth was over and it was the end of the month and the date was 28. That day was the salary payment day. I got my first salary. I told my parents to open my account, they told me to use their account as we are same and living in same home so the thing is same either the money is submitted in your account or us.

My dad told me:- Use my account.

I said ok and my salary was deposited in my father’s account.
My father told me that you can use this money in purchasing your jewelry for next birthday.
I told:-Ok Papa.
My routine was really good to go to the office and after becoming free I used to spend time with parents and in watching TV.
Life was just going on.

In one year and two months my salary became 5 lakhs. I was happy that I will buy a ring on my birthday. I was waiting for my birthday.
I went with my friend to the jewelers shop to choose the jewelry and to order for the selected one. I went and I found antique necklace with ear rings and ring. It was looking so pretty. I thought to buy it immediately. But I thought I should wait. Till then I will get next month salary so by that salary I will also buy something for my mom-dad and brother. I will gift something to my friends.

So I told my friend: – you buy now, I will get it later on.
She answered it:- Why you have good job than me but still you are thinking of purchasing it.
I told: – I have to purchase something for my all family members and friends. So I will buy later on.
She said :-ok! As you wish,
We came outside and went to eat ice-cream. We both are good friends and used to enjoy every moment of the life.
The day was finished and I came to home.
In this way one month was over and my birthday came. It’s 12 at night I received calls from my friends. It was good that all missed me on my birthday. My mom also came to me to wish the birthday. Everybody wished me and my dad did not wish me so I went to my father to take the wishes.
My dad told me:- Happy birthday.
I smiled and said: – Thank you Papa.

I went to office and gave birthday party. My friend asked me to buy that jewelry that we saw on that day.
I said yeah we will go today.
I asked to my father to go to that showroom and I said we all will buy something for us. I was waiting for this day.
My dad refused me and said your deposited salary is in the name of your brother’s account. He has no work and this money will help him to survive and you have government job. You can earn more and can buy what you want.
I certainly cancelled the jewelry order.

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