Love relationship of 15 days

I am of 22 years. My name is Nikita (Changed Name). I have completed my graduation and staying in the home. My brother is in abroad and my father has much property on his credit one day I was alone in the home and went in to my neighbour’s house. There was a guy who appeared to me very handsome and intelligent. I started liking him in the very first meeting with him. He proposed me for friendship and I got agreed as he appeared to me very smart guy. We exchanged our phone no’s also. He called me the next day. He expressed his desire of meeting me in the restaurant. I did not get agree. He called me again on the next day and expressed that he is deeply in love with me and want to meet me even for a single time. I too was feeling alone without him so I got ready to meet him in the restaurant. He offered lunch to. He showed his too much concern sincerely as well as attachment me.

He inquired about my relation with any body else prior to it. As I had not any sort of relation with anybody else. I frankly said ‘no’ to him. He felt relaxed. After that we talked for at least two hours and intimacy developed with each other. It was my first love and the same was from other side. That guy too had not talked to any other girl prior to it except me. We were whole heartedly devoted to each other. Then after that I went back to my home. We started calling each other daily. I had full trust on him. I shared my feelings for him with my friends also. I felt myself very lucky because I had developed friendship with a guy who was extremely handsome. Prior to it, I had never thought that I could become girl friend of such a handsome boy as I am not so cute in appearance.

Now it became difficult for us to live without calling each other even for ten times in a day. One day he called me and expressed his desire of meeting with me again. We went into a restaurant. Some body from our village saw me in that restaurant with that guy. He called my parents over that place to reveal everything which was going on between me and that guy.

My parents came to that place. They had seen with that guy. My mother slapped me in front of everybody took me in the home. My parents locked me in a room. My parents had too much trust on me but I had broken their trust fully. So their behaviour to me fully changed they got me engaged with a boy of their choice against my wishes. Everything took place just with in 15 days. These fifteen days gave me what I had never dreamed of and took everything from me with in just a few seconds.

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