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Passion – true love story

My name is Tisha (Changed name ) and i am here sharing my true love story with you  . I am doing journalism. My father is a mechanical engineer and mother is a house wife. I am 20 years old. I am in love with a guy who studies in the same institution where I am studying. His love to me is too strong. He does not want me to talk to any other guy. He calls me daily and we often go on dates. He has full control on me. I wear clothes as per his wishes. He does not like me to wear the short topes or capperies. He can do anything for me. He does not like any other girl except me. I have never seen him talking to any other girl leaving me. He is whole heartedly devoted to me and often says that he can not think about any other girl except you.


I do not like his interference in every matter related to my life. Although I am too in strong love with him. But sometime this love appears to me as a burden and I think of relieving myself from this relation. When I do not call him, he often scolds me by saying that if you had not love in your heart for me what was the need of developing friendship with me? Or why did you allow me to come so near to you. If now you want to keep yourself away from me. I am fully exhausted with this sort of relationship. Although I have never thought about any other guy except him, he often blames for having friendship with some another guy as he feels that my love to him is decreasing than before when I had started my friendship with him, his love to me was normal. He never put restriction on me for six months. But after that his behaviour to me changed and I felt that I have become slave of him as.


I have to obey his each and every wish. He often says that I was never like this before coming in relation with me and blames me for making him like this. I do not know what type of love is this. Love increases freedom but my love has chained me one day he told me that he would not let we to live safely if I break my relation with him. And says that he would kill that guy who would venture to come between us. I often consults about this with my friends. They advise me that if you do not want to live in relationship with him, then you have full right to leave this relation. But I am afraid of what would he do if I break up with him suggest me what should I do for it.

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