Love v/s career – painful story

Hi. I’m Rhaghav (Changed Name ) . It’s my true love story.  I was doing my MBA from one of the best university. In every aspect, I learned many new things from life. In my college time I met a girl named Priya (Priya ) .  Priya was so beautiful and attractive girl. I always try to talk Priya. In lunch time, I tried to talk to her & sit near her seat, try to talk to her every time. I used to  solve her studies problems and help her to complete her assignment. I and Priya became good friends. We started talking a lot at our free time. Priya loved to watch videos and new songs.  I shared many new video with her.

In our college weekends, we went outside and enjoyed a lot. We visited kulu, Manali in summer holidays. We captured  lot of pictures.

In college everybody knows that we were in relationship. On  Priya’s birthday I planned a big celebration and booked a five star hotel. It was the surprise for Priya. Priya was very happy to see this big celebration.

On that day  I proposed priya, I said to her ‘ I like you’.

Priya answered: – I too like you.

I was very happy on that day and we danced together at party.

I decorated all of those pictures at my room. She was my first love and I wanted  to keep her with me always.

Our studies was completed and we started working in big company in Pune. Our relation is continued for four years in our job time. One day I tried to talk Priya for marriage. And what our conversation went on like this:-

I said: – Priya, I need to talk urgently with you. I have some important to talk.

Priya: – Yes, tell? What happened?

I: – Priya I want to marry now.

Priya: – Then do it. Who is the lucky girl?

I: – I told, don’t make jokes.

The girl is you. You know it and still asking. Ha Ha.

Priya: – Me??

Who told you, I want to marry you. I don’t want to marry you.

I told: – what? Don’t you like me?

Don’t you love me?

Priya: – Obviously I like you. But love, I do love with my career only. I have to do many things in my life like In this company I want  promotion, Next year I have to move to abroad with some project assignment.

And you are talking about marriage? What in Marriage, We will marry, become parents and the life will be full of responsibilities. I don’t want to destroy my career. I love it and only love it a lot.

I was really shocked what she was saying. I never expected this from Priya. As we were in relationship from past five years.  I told Priya, you really broke my heart.

Priya: – I can’t do anything. I dint know that you will take some other meaning of my friendship.


She went and left the place.

I sat on my knews knees  and cried a lot.

And life is just going on. I’m alone and only alone.

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