Love can hurt but Parents can never

This is my colleague’s true love story. Her name is isha (Changed Name).  She was in love with some guy. Their marriage was fixed and they were going to marry within some months.  They were  engaged and happily enjoying their moments before engagement to marriage. Her Parents booked a hotel for marriage and spent  a lot of money in that. One day they got some issue at phone and they have fight. This  reached to boy’s parents. Boys’ Parent asked what kind of girl is she? She is fighting now, before marriage what  will she do after marriage. Boy’s Parents told to girl and his family to give the dowry and then they will proceed further for marriage. Isha was shocked that because a small thing only they were creating an issue to take a dowry. She talked to her boyfriend who was her fiancé now.  Her fiancée name is Pradeep (Changed Name).

Isha: What is this Pardeep? You are creating a big issue of the small thing.

And this is the matter between us, you and me.

Why are you involving your family in this?

Pradeep told: – see Isha,I did not ask my family to involve in this matter, if they are taking interst in it then  what is my mistake?

Isha: – Pradeep, why are you doing all this. Your family is keeping conditions for marriage now and you are saying that this is not your mistake. Your family is demanding a lot of money from my family and saying that they will agree if my family will fulfil their conditions of dowry.

Prapeep answered: – What I can do in this? If my family is demanding then they are right in their place, you have to give this and have to give us demanded dowry.

Isha:- is this your real face? Now I came to know. This is your love. You cheated me. How can I choose the cheap person to love for me? This all was my mistake that I selected you among many. I love you. What have I  not done for you? I ignored many relations for me. My parents were looking out a good guy for me and they were from good families and had very rich status more than you. But I was in love with you. I never saw anything, for whom? For you? And you are counting money from me.

Shame on you!

Pradeep:- Hey please! I never told you to love me, if you loved me than this is your fault. I never forced you to come to me. OK? Go and marry those rich guys.

Isha:- Yeah exactly! My eyes were closed in love. I got blind. I did not see what is good and what is bad for me. I should agree with my Parents advice.

Pradeep:- then go naa and do what your Parents say. I will proceed if you fulfil our dowry demands.

Isha: – Go to Hell. I don’t need you. I’m not giving a single rupee in dowry. And yeah you said well. I will marry to those guys.

Isha went to her home and felt what she did, How can she love that type of guy?

Her engagement was broken. Her family becames sad and her father was admitted in hospital. Her family is tensed that what they would  tell to society.

Isha told her father not to worry and she to get well soon. We have not done anything wrong, it was the engagement only and broken due to some issues and society could not entervene in it. Why you are worrying about it. She told that she will marry there where her parents wanted.




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