Love with class mate.

Hey Friends … My name is nitu (Changed Name). I am studding in eleventh. I am from a middle class family. Few days back, I started liking a boy of my class. He is very smart and intelligent. Where as I am not that much smart and intelligent. When ever, he is in the class, I keep on looking at him only. Some times, I feel, he too has interest in me. Few days back my friend, Geeta (Changed Name) told me that he (That Boy) is already in love with some another girl my heart started like crying because it was for the first time that I had started liking a boy.


That girl (With whom he is in love) is also in our class. But I do not think that they are in love with each other. Some times I think, I should straight forward go to him and ask him if he likes me or not. But I hesitate by thinking that this will show my bad character. Please guys tell me what to do. I want to be friend with him at any cost. Help me to do so….

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