Rules of Selfie Competition

We are starting selfie/photo contest from 03-June-2017 to 02-July-2017.

Selfie Competition

  • You can also send your selfie/Photo to post on our page.We will post your selfie if our team thinks that it is good for our page.
  • We are Receiving many selfies in a day. we select only one selfie for posting per day. So if your selfie is not selected you may request for selfie competition next time.
  • Winner of selfie competition may participate next time.
  • Send your Selfie / Photo for selfie competition.
  • We will declare the results on 05-July-2017.
  • The result will be based on your picture likes/comments / Engagement and choice of our team.
  • The final decision of the winner will be ours.
  • Picture winner will be awarded as his/her picture will be posted on the wall of FB page.
  • If you have any objection to wrong comments please do inform us we will delete those comments and warn that person for wrong commenting.
  • The participant should be resident or born in Jalandhar (Punjab).
  • The picture should be clear, Do not write anything on Picture.
  • All Selfie or Any other picture is eligible for this competition.
  • Jalandhar Meri Jaan Reserves the right to modify / Alter rules without prior notice. 

Rules and Regulations

  • Send Your Pictures In FB Page Inbox.

  • Picture Should Be Real And Yours.
  • Respect Everyone.
  • Do Not Abuse Anyone In Comments.
  • For more likes and comments, you can share your picture with your friends.
  • Do not use fake ID for Comments or likes.


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