Love with Tenants wife

My name is Ankush (Changed name ) . I am from Roper . Here I am sharing my true love story with my tenants wife . We have a double storey house . I am a commission agent. Tenants started living in our house from 3 years. They have one child. It is a happy family. My tenants wife is exceedingly beautiful. I started liking or loving her from the very first. She does job in a company and her husband too is an employee in M.N.C. the greatest flaw in his wife is that she is a money minded lady.

One day, I went in to her room. She was dressing herself and was looking very beautiful. I went close to her and could not resist myself for proposing her. She accepted my proposal. I often calls her when my tenant goes out from the home. We often talk to each other for hours. Time seems to be like flying when I am in her company. From last week, I have come to know from her , that her husband has started suspecting her for having illicit relations with me.

He often starts fighting with her over petty issues. But she never retorts back. I like her this quality very much. I have seen love in her eyes for me. But sometimes I feel I have killed the peace of the happy family by interfering in their life. At that time I feel myself guilty. But it’s true that it is happening to me for the first time. I had never in relation with anyone else prior to it. My tenant is a very hard hearted man. If he comes to know any proof of having his wife’s relation with me, he would either kill her or me. But I do not have any control over myself.

I can live without talking to her. She appears to be the most beautiful lady on the earth. I do not want that she should ever leave our home. I ever want to get marry to her. I do not have any problem even if she is married and have one child. Sometimes we go on the dates also when her husband go on a tour from the company. I do not want to marry any other lady. It does not matter for me even I live alone throughout my life.

I just want to keep in contact with her. I do not want to loose her at any cost. I do not weather her love to me is true or false. But I am sure that my feelings toward her are fully true. I have never experienced these type of feelings in my life ever. Sometimes I feel jealousy from her husband for having such a beautiful and good natured wife and feels himself to be the luckiest person in the world .

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