Lust of the baby – based on real story

My name is Ridhima (Changed Name ) . I am from Srinagar. I am thirty four years old. My father is a bank manager and mother is a government teacher. I am the single child of my parents. My parents provided me everything in my life. When I was of twenty eight years old, they got me married with a guy (husband) who too is the single child of his parents. My husband is an army officer. There is not shortage of money in the home I have been blessed with everything in the home. My husband has everything quality i.e. he loves, caring, supporting etc. but the only thing which hurts me a lot in my life is that is do not have baby although six years have passed to my marriage.

My parents get much worried about me as I am without baby. I do have great love for the babies but God has not blessed with it to me yet. My every happiness looks very small to me when I think that I am without baby. Really, the children play a great role in human being’s life for making the life complete and enjoyable. In order to avoid this thinking I always keep myself busy in one thing or the other. After six months of my marriage I had conceived the baby but when I was coming back from my work place to the home an accident took place. I was driving the car and got severe injuries. I lost my baby in that time to my husband that now there are very less chances for me for getting pregnant again. From that day, my life changed completely I lost interest in everything. I and my parents were very happy before the accident on knowing that I was expecting the baby.

When ever, I feel the children in my neigbourhood I fell myself very upset as I start imagining that had my child alive then he/ she too would have attained this much height and age. I sometimes even feel jealous of the parents who are with their children and feel immense happiness in their company.

As six years have passed to my marriage, in laws have started condemning for not producing any baby although they too know that I too am very upset because of it. They even want to get their son (my husband) married to another lady for the child.

Really it is very awful to live without having own bay. Parents who have their own babies are really blessed it is a great achievement for a lady to give birth to a baby and become mother. But I think everything which happens in our life is preplanned by God and we can not go against that I have much sympathy for the persons without babies as I am suffering from the same condition

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