Made For Each other

My name is shalini rathi (Changed name ) . I am from Rajasthan. I had a happy family. My father always dreamed of making me an officer in forest department. He got me admitted in a good school for providing me the best education. He spent too much money on me. But unfortunately. One day my father and mother were going on a marriage in our car. I have a brother also. I and my brother was staying at home. It was night when my parents were coming back to home after seeing the marriage. Our car collided with a truck. And they died over that place.


Now there was only my brother who took care of me. As I was of marriageable age, he undertook the responsibility of get off me married. He had applied for the visa going to England. He got a call from a company from England and it became compulsory for him to go to England as early as possible. It was not possible for him to take me in England also so he decided of getting me married. He chose a guy for me and that guy’s family told us that they have a very different business. There is not any shortage of anything in the home.


They also told that the guy with whom I was going to marry is very hard working, intelligent and qualified. They also promised with my brother that they would let me continue my study even after marriage. So my brother got me married. He spent to much money on my marriage and gave everything to me.


But when I got married, I came to know that my husband is only metric pass and they just have a sweet shop in the market. I told my husband that I want to continue my study. My in laws family told me to stay in the home and do domestic work. There is not any need of studying.


Then I thought only this is written in my fate and accepted it. But one day, I was writing something in a diary. My husband saw me. He enquired me about what was I writing in it. He snatched that diary from me and started reading it. In that diary I had expressed my ardent desire of studying more and becoming forest officer from that day, his attitude changed to me.


He got me admitted in a college. He studied well and got first rank in Rajasthan University. I studied all through day and night although to many difficulties came in my way for studying. But I just concentrated on my studies. My mother in laws behaviour was not even a little bit good to me. She got engaged main the whole work of the home. But I did much hard work throughout the nights and my husband helped me a lot in it. My mother in law was completely against my studies. After completing my graduation I filled the form of U.P.S.C and cleared that exam and got job in forest department. My husband has great proud on me and every body in the village has deep respect for me. It was just by the help of my husband, I have reached to this position.

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