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This is my real and true love story.  My name is Anupama (Changed Name) . I have completed my engineering in computer science and now I’m working in an IT company.  I have two sisters Both got married and my parents were thinking for me. They were searching a good guy for me. I had my profile on matrimonial site. There were  some profiles  with to whom my  mom dad were communicating. There was a profile of one guy there, he had  his home town near to our and was working in Pune. My mom dad liked his profile as he was  from same caste and had same Punjab background. He was also well educated, good and working as a Sr. Manager in one of the big multinational companies. His name was Ryan (Changed name ). I didn’t know about him and his profile as only my parents were looking out his profile. I was living outside the home and working in a city near to my home.

I had many friends on facebook, college friends, hostel friends and I talked to them on facebook whenever I got free from my work. One day in facebook what I saw? There was message in other’s folder. The message was of a girl, I didn’t know her. She wrote that she saw my profile on matrimonial website, she has not access on that website so she contacted me here.  She wanted  to take my Parents number and desired to take some information. Her way of writing  was very well-mannered. I gave my Parents number to her. This was  the time and still I didn’t know about Ryan, his sister asked for my Parents contact details and I gave her. The communication was stopped here. She called my mother and took some information about me.

After some time My Parents called them about to know and she told the girl (me) is very nice and cute but due to some astrological match issues, the relation can’t mature. My Parents said ok and declined their interest on that profile.

One day I saw the Ryan’s message in my inbox. He was telling about some career oriented things to me. He told me to send my resume to him and he wanted to help me out to make my career best.  I said ok and I sent my resume to him. After one or two days we talked to each other or at weekends. His way of talking  was very nice and very good. He always talked good. I liked to talk to him. He always told me to make my career best and I try it much. I ignored some people around me for him and I liked to spend my time with him. May be I started to like him, his sayings, his talks and his way of talking

I was started wating for his message, for his call and wanted him to talk to me always when he befree from office. My Parents were looking other boy for me but I got emotionally attached with Ryan. I told this to Ryan that my parents were looking someone for me for marriage. He said its good, and told me that I should talk to him if he is good and should marry him, He was unhappy but he did’t want to marry me because My job was not too good as he was expecting. My package was not even half of him. He said he is sad if she would marry with some with other person but don’t take it otherwise. He said he liked but  me he didn’t want to marry me as I had less salary package.

I told him if “he wants to take one step back in friendship and then I would take double”

I don’t know it is love or not because we never met each other and we neverhad  any kind of affair only we talked friendly with each other at phone

If I talk to some other guy for marriage purpose, I miss Ryan and start cry and always fail to talk with other guy for marriage. One day I decided I will not talk to talk to anyone until I don’t forget Ryan. I missed him too much. But I made many efforts to make me understand the fact that “he would not come back and I should not wait for him”.

I started to keep myself  busy in my office work, in my studies and didn’t try to remember him at all.

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