try try again – moral story


‘This a lesson you should heed


Try again!


If at first you don’t succeed


Try again!


Then your courage should appear,


For if you persevere;


You will conquer never fear,


Try again!


Once or twice, though you should fail,


Try again!


If we strive, it’s no disgrace


Though we do not win the race;


What should we do in that case?


Try gain!


Time will bring you your reward


Try again!


All that other folks can do,


Why with patience, may not you?


Only keep this rule in view,


Try again!


In this poem the poet tells us that we should keep on trying again and again. If we fail in our objective in our first attempt. All that we require is patience and perseverance to win and overcome our obstacles. Hard work and repeated attempts will surely reward us with success.


Always keep in mind that those who succeed are not extraordinary people, they are just like you but they have won the race with self- confidence. After all trying again is no disgrace. ‘Try, Try again’ should be your motto in your life.

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