Marriage with Beloved’s Sister – Real Painful story

My name is Armaan (Changed Name ) I am from Madhya Pradesh. I am of twenty six years old. Six months back. My marriage took place I was not willing to marry the girl with whom my parents wanted me to got marry because I was in love with some one else. Some how my marriage took place even inwardly I was no happy. I was just trying to show in love with my wife’s sister but my parents and her parents were becoming obstacle in my marriage with her.

Actually raina (Changed Name) to whom I loved was not the real daughter of her parents. They had adopted her and they wanted to get their real daughter to get marry with me. My parents too did not want me to get marry with Raina because Sonia (my wife) was doing marriage who was earning more. They had nothing to do with my feelings and this thing was known to my wife but I do not know why she got ready for the marriage although she knew that I was in love with her sister. On the day of my marriage everybody was happy except me and my beloved. Six months have passed to my marriage but I have not made relations with my wife and I can not make even in the future also because I do not have feelings for her.

Everybody knows this in my family and tells me for paying attention to her but I am unable to do so. I am still in love with raina. My attachment to her has not decreased even a little now she has started feeling jealous of her sister as she is my wife. Her behaviour to my wife has changed although my wife assured her that there is nothing between her and me. She has not understood that I and her sister are married. We daily call each other and go on date often. I discuss everything related to my life with her as I used to discuss earlier before marriage. She wants to run away from her home with me. She wants to live with me at a remote place and want to marry over there. But I could not do so because my parents are very strict and cruel. They would disinherit me if I take any of such steps. Moreover, I think about the girl with whom I am married. What would she do after it. She would suffer even without any fault. Already I have given many sorrows. Every girl has dreams about her husband after marriage.

She too would have. But I have never fulfilled even of her single dream. Even her presence in the room, does not have any effect on me. I always try to ignore her. I put the whole blame on her for her marriage with me and always asks her the same question,” why did she get ready for the marriage if she had already known that me and her sister are already in affair and she never gives the answer of my this very question sometimes I feel myself also guilty for committing this sin of marrying another girl and loving some one else but then I think that I was not my fault rather it was the sin which committed my parents. It is my humble request to all the parents they should understand the feelings of their children before taking any decision related to their life.

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