MemorAble MoMents of LifE – Moral Story

I have lots of love for my country “India”. When I was in third class I participated in many competitions. In one of the competition I sung poem related to ‘Jhansi ki raani”. I got first prize in competition. On 15 august I presented a poem named “Salaam oon shaheedo ko jo kho chuke hai”. I spoke about Martyr Bhagat singh, Raj guru and sukhdev. Bhagat singh was born in sikh family on 28 September 1907. He was the true Indian and brought the bright revolution in India. He played the great role to free India from British government. His sacrifice is really respectful.

Bhagat singh was attracted towards Maxist communist parties which were made by Karlmarx who was against capitalism. He also found anarchist ideologies.
In his teenage he did well for the India. He was involved in the murder of John Saunders in revenge to Lala LajPat Rai’s death. Lala LajPat Rai died due to the wounds and injuries given by british beating. He joined the Chandrashekhar Azad, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Hari Rajguru.
His efforts were taken out a successful result of launching two bombs.
He demanded for equal rights for Indians and faced a 116 days fast in the jail with the slogan: – Long Live the Revolution! (Inquilab Zindabad). Chandrashekhar Azad, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Hari Rajguru are great to bring the loyality, honesty, inspiration and motivation among Indians. In my personal experienced I learned a lot from noble Martyrs.

It gives the reason to proud our India as it has great history with exalted and great people.
It was an amazing experience to perform in extracurricular activities and to speak about the grandiose Indians. I learned many things from Bhagat singh who died in a very early age of 23 in 23 March 1931. He is hanged with Rajguru and sukhdev in 23 March 1931. If we remember that time I got tears in my eyes and I got the feeling to fight for India which makes me aware about my responsibilities towards India.
When I spoke about Bhagat singh all of my teachers had got tears in their eyes and they praised about my chosen topic.

I spoke in gurudwara also. I discussed about Guru Tek Bahadur Singh who gave out his life for Kashmiri Pandits. Guru Gobind Singh who’s four Children were murdered.
I won prize in cash, wall-watch with Diary-pen. There was a Devotee who used to sit after the worship timings if I got late to attend the adoration. It was internal satisfaction when I used to clean Temple.

One day there was annual function in my College. There was the prize distribution programme in the College. My grandfather was there and looking many students to get the prize. I remained sitting in the same position and did not go to the stage as my name was not announced till now. My grandfather was going back to home and at the same time my name was announced to get prize for academic rank, cultural activities performance and extra curricular activeness.

These are the best moments of my school, college and temple. It’s really good to remember those moments. These are the moments that I will remember in my whole life and it’s really interesting to share with you all.

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