Money Mindedness – Very Painful Story

My name is Rajiv (Changed name) . I am from Amritsar. I completed my graduation and went to chandigarh for the preparation of competitive exams. I am the only child of my parents. My parents love me a lot. There is not any shortage of money in the home as my father has a prosperous business. When I went in the chandigarh, somebody suggested me about the institution which was giving coaching for the competitive exams.

I started preparing myself for J.E.E. there I met girl the institution who was extremely intelligent and beautiful. She proposed me for friendship. I happily accepted her proposal. I did everything for making her happy. I even did not concentrate upon the studies for her. I was not in relationship with any of the girl of my college, it was my first love. I spent too much money on her. I lost all money which was given by my family on her. I even sold my car for giving her the gifts. I even paid the rent of her P.G. and she used my money for paying in the coaching classes.

After the exam, she remained in relationship with me. When the result was out, she had cleared that exam with good rank where as I failed. After two weeks of the declaration of the result, she got job in a good company in U.S.A. she went there. She had promised with me that she would marry me and remain in relationship with me after going to abroad. I waiting for a long time for her call. But she never called me. Now six months have passed, since she went to U.S.A. but I do not think that she would call me. My friend some days ago told me that she has come to know from somebody that girl has got married in abroad. Now I do not believe any of the girl. All the girls knows well how to flirt with the boys. They just run after money and are all feeling less. They can do anything for money.

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