My curious natures

My name is Aradhana (Changed Name ) . I am from Orissa. My father is a Mechanical Engineer and mother is a house wife I am the single child of my parents. My age is eighteen years. I am studying in college. I live in joint family. All of my family members love me a lot. I have the addiction of mobile. I can not part with mobile even for a second. I have a lot of boy friends. I always like to talk with them every time. No single person attracts me. I am attractive toward many of my friends.

This is my problem. I am not committed to single boy friend rather I like to live in the company of everybody. I am in the habit of changing boy friends. After talking to a guy for more than mouth, I get bored and often find some another guy for friendship. I often introspect my self for doing this activity. But I am helpless. I started making boy friends when I was just in Tenth class and starting from that time I have changed almost fifty. My friends often advice for leaving this habit. But I am at a loss to know what to do with this habit. All of my friends have single boy friend and they are satisfied with those. But I do not feel satisfied with the guy for more than one month.

I often fight with that guy with whom I fell in love for one thing or the other and can not tolerate anything said by any of the guy. Sometimes I think my parents over attention have made me sound I often think how would I be able to adjust with the guy with whom I marry. From last few days I have not made any boy friend because I think what is the use of making boy friend if I leave him after a month. I often analyze the things which create indifferences between me and my boyfriends but always find fault in myself. Suggest me the best way by which I could leave this habit because I too have fed up with this very habit of mine.

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