My love story

My name is kirti (Changed Name ) . I am from ludhiana. When I was in B.A. second year, he proposed me and accepted his proposal. My every friend told me that the boy with whom I was involved is not good morally so you should keep yourself away from him. But I was deeply attached to him. I did not hear any of the advice given my friends to me because I had not control over my feelings. We started going on dating also. Our love was not just spiritual it had changed I to physical also.

My father was in foreign and both of my elder brothers were doing job in chandigarh I was staying with my mother as I was youngest, everybody liked me much. When we completed graduation from the college. Ankur (changed Name , that guy with whom I was in live) started doing M.B.A. in ludhaina and I took admission in M.S.C (Math’s) now it was the time, when my parents started finding guy for marriage with me. As I was already involved with Ankur, I told him everything. But he suggested me to marry wherever my parents want me to marry. I was very surprised to hear this all. As I was physically involved with him, it hurted me too much. I cried a lot when we were in college; he told me that he would do everything for convincing my parents for the marriage. But now. I do not know why he was changed. My parents started pressing me for the marriage.

I was helpless as Ankur was also ignoring me. So, I told Ankur that I would die and blame him for my death. He got afraid and got ready for the marriage although our castes were different. We went in to the court and married there. After a month Ankur came in our home and took me with him in his home. His mother welcomed us he had a sister also they had not any objection regarding marriage his brother was in foreign. His sister too was of marriageable age they loved me just for three months. After that my mother-in-law’s attitude changed to me she blamed me for everything. She often taunted me by saying that what have I brought in dowry now the situation was such that by taking this step, I had hurted my parents feelings also. After that I conceived baby. Ankur was in chandigarh and used to come at home only at week ends. I told everything to Ankur what his mother does with me but he did not take my side.

He took the side of his mother and told that side of his mother and told that I have to do what his mother says. I tried a lot to co-operate with her but her behavior became from bad to worse. Even my sister – in-law took my mother- in- law’s side and did not favor me even for a single time. I gave birth to baby boy. Nobody took care of me after delivery my mother could not resist herself when she heard about it. She came to meet me and baby. She brought many things in the home. But my mother-in-law and sister- in- law did not come to even talk to her. I felt too much pained at that time. At that time I felt that our parents only are our support. No other relation of the world can be as powerful as that of parents. I want to convey to the youngsters that we should think for hundred times before taking any step against our parents. Because the person who goes against parents and hurt parents feeling can al so not be happy. And parents even if we betray them, even then they take our side and wish for our happiness and prosperity.

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