My dream world – why girl leave home after marriage

My name is Nancy (Changed Name ) . I am from Jaipur. I am of twenty four years old. When I was very small, my uncle adopted me from my parents. He already had a girl. But his wife was no more. We both sisters always lived happily with each other. We never fought. My uncle never showed difference between her and me as I was not his really baby. As Shaya (my elder sister , Changed name ) was one year elder to me, she always took great care of me and always considered me as small baby. Who always needs assistance? From my appearance even I always looked small because I was small in height. After completing +2, she took admission in Medical Degree my father (my uncle) is also a good doctor. We have a big hospital in Jaipur. He spent much money on both of us for study. He used all his money on our study and the products which we asked for. Next year, I too passed senior secondary and he started prompting me for passing Pre. medical exam. Really by God’s grace, I passed that because he always persuaded me for studying so that I could fulfill his dream of becoming doctor and helping in hospital. Now both of us me and my sister have completed Medical Degree and we are helping our father in our own hospital. We all are very happy because both of us achieved the goal which was dreamt by our father. Really our parents dream many dreams for us and these dreams are fulfilled by God’s grace. We both are lucky us we are able to fulfill our father’s dream.

Now we both are of marriageable age. As my sister is elder to me so my father is finding a suitable guy for her. But whenever I feel that she would leave me after her marriage I can not stand that and I start weeping because she is not only my sister but a best friend also. We have spent our childhood and adulthood together. I always suggest my father for choosing that guy who is profession by doctor so that we could adjust him also in our hospital and he too would live her and my sister would not leave us in this way. But every time, my father starts laughing on hearing it and says that the girls have to leave their parental home after marriage. But I have never been able to understand it I always think why it is so important for a girl to leave her parental home after marriage. Why she is supposed to forget every thing related to her past about her parental home and to adjust in the new environment of her in law’s home. As my mother is no more what would become of my father if I too get married then how would he live alone? He is the person who did everything for keeping us happy and for making our future. But is he expected to live alone after marriage because our society expects this from us. Really, we should change these customs which do not have any value in the society because I would never be able to forget my dream world given by my father to me

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