My Father’s teachings

My father had always taught me the lesson that life is struggle in which hardworking people never face failure. Keep doing hard work and it will give results soon. Today I believe the same thing when I have lost all my savings.

When I grew up, I just wanted to be rich by hook or by crook. My father always wanted me to work or earn something for family. But I wanted to earn by shortcut means like lottery or some wind fall gains. I never worked anywhere. My father made me to joined in his friend’s office but I did not work there.

One day my friend suggested me to buy lottery tickets. Those days lottery market was favorable. I invested 500 rupees. By god’s grace I won the prize of 5000 rupees out of it.

Later I planned to invest 100000 rupees which my father had given me to start my own business. I invested it to lottery market to earn more profit and that was my bad luck, I lost the entire amount.

That day I realized my mistake and I apologized in front of my father. After that I started working hard.

After few years I started my own business. Now I always keep my father’s teachings in mind and work hard a lot

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