Individualism breaks everything

Today it is normally seen that people prefer to live in nuclear families. They think that being nuclear reduce our responsibilities towards the other family members. They feel good and relax to be nuclear.

But actually it is not our Indian culture. This thing I realized that time when I suffered alone after getting nuclear. I came in a joint family after marriage. My parents in law were very kind to me. They supported me a lot in understanding and making the whole family familiar to me.

Earlier my sister in law showed off as she supports me alot  but slowly her nature got different for me. She stopped talking to me & supporting me. I used to feel why it’s happening so in my family.

Actually she wanted me to get separated from them. She wanted her family to be nuclear. She had never established a relationship like a sister.

Due to daily clashes in the family she started informing her parents in maternal home which I felt was not favorable to us . The solution what I did was I got separated from them.

People having such intention not to be together should think that in the time of sufferings only unity works not being alone .

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