My first Interview- Fun Story

My name is jack (Changed Name ) . I want to share an experience of my life. Which happened about thirteen years ago when I was unemployed? I had large family to support. My father was not working anywhere as he was physically not well. My parents started pressing me for doing the job after graduation. As I was fresher, no body was willing to appoint me for the job. My parent’s pressure on me for finding the job was increasing. One day, I met with my friend and told everything to him. He suggested me for telling about the fake experience as experience was necessary for getting job anywhere. I had not any other way to find the solution of this problem. When I received a call for the interview of medical representative, I prepared myself for telling lie to the person who would take my interview.

When I went there. Interviewer asked me to tell about myself. When he asked about the experiences. I told lie by saying that I have the experience of one year of medical representative. When he asked about the place where I worked. I said,” phyzer (name of a reputed company). Then he asked me which medicines did you used to show the doctors. I took the name of common medicines. I.e. started laughing on hearing these names. Perhaps he had understood that I was telling lie. When I asked him about the reason of his laughing. He did not say any thing and said you are not appointed here on the post of medical representative rather you are appointed as my assistant. I was happy to know that all. When I talked about it to some of my other friend who was also in this field. He too started laughing about my interview.

I was not able to understand what was going on. He told me that any medical representative do not tell the names of the medicine. They just tell about the salts to the doctors. Moreover the names which I told to the doctor of the medicines were of different companies – a medical representative always suggests the medicine of one company to the doctor to whom he recommends the medicine. I was really surprised to know about it as I had not the knowledge of this thing prior to it. I felt ashamed of myself. On the same time I felt gratitude for the doctor to whom I had told lie and he was able to detect it easily still he appointed me for the job.
On the next day, when I went to the work. I met with the doctor and asked him frankly if he was able detect that I was lying then why did he kept me for the job. Then he answered that he did not appoint her for job because of my capability but just because of my innocence.

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