my love – english painful story

My name is…. I am 27 years old. Five years ago my love affairs started with a boy who was in my street. I was deeply in love with him. We usually went into the restaurant for having fun. We also had bodily relations with each other. When I reached to the marriageable age, my parents started talking about my marriage. I openly told them that I love the boy whose name is and he lives in our street. They got too angry. They did not agree to marry me with that boy, they started forcing me. To marry with the boy of their choice. I got married as per the wishes of my parents & under pressure. But now, I am doing injustice to my husband. I do not love him am any more. I do not experience any sort of feeling for him. I often go in my parental home to meet him. I do not do anything which could make him ( my husband) happy. He often scolds me for behaving like that. He has started talking about getting divorce from me. When my parents would come to know about it, they might scold me & held me responsible for what is happening.

The boy with whom. I am still in love, calls me occasionally and we often talk to each other in the absence of my husband. The atmosphere in my in-laws have completely changed as it was before. My parents often advice me to keep my family & husband happy. But I am totally helpless to do so. Moreover I do not like the presence of my husband in the home. Suggest me which could be hopeful & happy for me & my family in future.

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  1. Go for a divorce as this will open new doors of happiness in ur life and take on life with ur terms. Society is just there to ruin ur life so dictate ur terms not theirs.

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