My mothers love affair

My name is Anushka (Changed Name) . My mother has love affair , am I am in fix what to do now . I am of sixteen years old and studying in a school. Five years back, my father died in an accident. I was the only child of my parents. After the death of my father, my grand parent’s attitude toward my mother under went a great change. They started taunting her for one thing or the mother but my mother never retorted back. One day, a big tussle took place between my grand parents and my mother. They told her to leave their home as there is no place in their home for her. My mother was in great problem. She had not even come out of the grief of my father’s death and my grandparents were adding salt on her wounds.

When it became unbearable, I told my mother for leaving the home and start living at some another place. So, we left the home my grandparents. And started living on rent in a small room. My mother started doing job in a private school as there was need of money for paying my school fee and other purposes and we had not any other source of income. Now I am in tenth class and the school in which my mother teaches is a guy who is unmarried but almost of my mother’s age. He often comes in our home for meeting us. From his talks to my mother I have come to know that he likes my mother and even wants to marry her.

He often says me that I can call him papa and ask him for anything. To some extent, I have noticed that my mother too is interested in him. She often discusses many things about that guy with me. For sure, I can say that since that guy has come in my mother’s life, she has found a way to live but prior to it. She was never happy after my father’s death as she was never able to forget him. That guy has helped a lot to my mother for coming out of the grief of my father’s death. They talk for hours together and like each other’s company. I feel as if they want to get marry each other but my mother fears of the society and thinks what would society say if she gets married with that guy. But I can not see my mother in more problems now. If my mother’s happiness lies in that guy then I will never insist her for leaving the relationship with that guy. Rather I would feel happy if they get marry with each other because I think that the guy is hundred percent loyal to my mother and I always pray to God for helping my mother happy at any cost because my happiness lies just in my mother’s happiness.

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