Very romantic True love story

My name is rachna (Changed Name ) . I am very romantic girl , I am studying in B.A Second year in a college. I am from ropar. My family belongs to an orthodox background. I always kept myself away from the things which were immoral. I could never think about falling in love with anyone as my family does not tolerate these types of things at all. So I always kept full control on my feelings. But when I reached in second year, I came to know that a boy likes me since I was in B.A first year.

One day, that boy proposed me. Although, he was very handsome and I had greatest desire to spend time with him and know about him but I said ‘no’ to him for friendship because of my family’s attitude toward these things. But that boy did not leave his efforts for convincing me for the friendship. One day, he proposed me again and told me if I can not talk to him in the college then we could talk on phone. He even handed me his phone number but I did not call him. Nest day, when I went in to the college, he came near me and asked about my feelings for him. I told lie to him and said him that I do not like him at all. So does not want to befriend with him. Rather I told him that sona (my friend) is interest in him and want to do friendship with him. She really was interest in such a handsome guy. And she had told me for hundred times that she could never say ‘no’ to such a handsome guy if he proposes her. But he told me that he does not want to do friendship. When I heard this from him, I really started feeling that he is truly in love with me. At last, I agreed for friendship with him without paying any attention to my family’s thinking because I had lost my control over my feelings.

After that we started calling each other and often talked to each other in college. Soon all students came to know that we are in affair with each other and they started calling us ‘love birds’ one day, there was dance competition in the college. We danced together and enjoyed a lot. Now I feel myself very lucky for having boy friend like sajan (my boy friend’s name) no body can be as romantic as we are. I do not know what would be the end of our love story. I know that my parents are very rigid regarding love marriages. Moreover, sajan belongs to other caste than me but I could never leave him and accept any other guy as my husband. I always pray to God for helping me come out of this problem.

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