my painful story in english

I am in B.A 1st year I live in himachal. I am from poor family. I have two brothers and one sister. My mom, dad are in bihar. Because they were not able to bear my expenses so they sent me in my grand mother’s house in himachal. I was just five years old when they sent me in himachal. My uncle, aunt and grand father often rebukes me and want me to do the whole works of the home. They want me to discontinue the studies so that they could marry me. I am good at studies. I do not want to discontinue my studies. I do not want to marry as I am just eighteen years old. I have tried to convince them for many times. But they do not agree to me. Actually my aunt want to go to abroad. My grandmother wants to shake off her responsibility as early as possible by marrying me. She also says that she does not have money to bear the expenses related to my studies and food. I do not feel any warth, love, and affection from them. My own mom & dad never calls me. After 17 years I had gone in my home for the first time in bihar. They were busy in the activities. They too do not show any concern to me as I have lived far away from them for so many years.

A few days back my grand- mother suggested me a guy who was nine years older to me. She is forcing me to marry with him for the secure future. Moreover he is not good by appearance also. She wants me to get me marry to him just for shaking off her responsibility. I have grown up. Still my grandfather beats me when he drinks. He often blanks me if anything happens bad in the home. Nobody in the family takes my side. They rebuke my mom dad also because they have sent me here to live with my grandmother, grandfather, uncle & aunt. I have lost all of my interest in the life. My life is worse than an animal. No body has sympathy in her/his heart for me. Sometimes I relieve my pain with my college friends by sharing the matters related to my life. They consoles me. But what would happen if my family force me to discontinue the studies. Suggest me the best possible way which could make my life worth while

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