financial problem – english story

My name is ravish. I am studying in 1st sem in patna. I belong to a poor family. My father do not have enough money to support me in studies but I do have lot of interest in studies. Before taking admission in the college, I talked to my principle Mam that I can not pay me fee. She listened me carefully & remitted my half fee. But the problem is that I do not have money to pay the half fee. Sometimes I take leave from the college and go out for the work of a labourer. By doing labour I pay my fee.

My class mates are very helpful to me. They often help me regarding class room work related to any subject. Few days back I was sitting in my class room. My friend told me to pass the letter to the girl who was sitting on the next bench to her which was written by my friend. My teacher saw me while I was handing over that letter to the girl. She rebuked me and sent me out of the class. After that she took me to the principle and told her that this guy was passing the love letter to a girl. I tried to make my case clear to them for many times. But they were not ready to listen me. As I was not guilty I told my friend to make it clear to the teacher that that letter was not from my side. But he did not help me. I was very sad as I was eresticated from the college one day a saw the girl to whom I had passed the letter. Which was written by my friend for her. I told her everything & sought her help regarding it. She became ready to help me. She made the scene clear to the teacher and my principle mam again gave me admission in the college. I am still thankful to the girl who helped me to come out of this problem. That girl who had helped me has become very good friend of mine and our friendship is going on well.

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