my painful story in english

My name is S—.I am 35 years old. I have two kids. My husband is an engineer. He mostly lies away from the home because of job. He comes in the home just on week ends. I am a house wife one day, he was taking bath in the bathroom and his phone was lying beside me. As it was on silent mode, a phone number stared blinking on it. I picked up the phone. That phone call was from a lady. As I spoke ‘hello’. She disconnected the call. Then I found that there were messages in the phone from the same number from which I had attended the call. From message, I came to know that there are extra marital relations between my husband and that lady and they often call each other and spends time with each other. I was completely shattered to know about that as I had full interests in my husband. When I enquired about it from him, he told me that She is his partner and they are in the same field and there is nothing between them. But that is completely wrong. When I expressed my wish of meeting to that lady, he simply told that he does not want me to meet that lady. He often gets angry when I start enquiring about that lady and says that he just comes on week ends to stay in the home and I spoil his mood by enquiring about such things. These things have created difference between me and my husband. I don’t have any sort of felling in my heart for him. Our relationship has gave bad to worse because of that matter. He has stopped coming in the home even of week ends. At times, I think of separating from him. My kids often suffer when they see us using abusing language with each other. Suggest me the best possible way which might help me in the future and make our relationship as strong as it was earlier.

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Very Pain full story

This is very pain full story written in English language . this is a story of a girl who live in kapurthala punjab

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