Husband Wife Boyfriend – Love Story

My name is….. I live in a village. My marriage took place three years ago. My husband is a businessman. I had a boy friend before my marriage. He was my neighbor’s relative. Three years have passed to my marriage, he is still in contact with me. We often call each other. I had physical relations with him even before my marriage. We meet each other often in restaurants & like to have physical pleasure in the company of each other.
One day, he called me on my cell no. to meet in the restaurant. I told him that we would meet on some another day. We decided the time & place for meeting each other. My husband was in the home at this time. Somehow he felt that there is some awkward as I was behaving awkwardly when I was attending the call. I did not feel that he was keeping eye on me. I went to meet my boyfriend in the restaurant in accordance with the appointed time. I did not notice that he (my husband) was following me. We (Me & My Boy friend) were in the room of that hotel & he was standing out side that room. When I came out of the room with my boy friend, he caught me red handedly. He slapped me in front of my boy friend & started threatening him also. Then he took me in the home. After that day, I stopped meeting with my boy friend. But still I have love in my heart for him. I like his physique as well as his nature. My husband often scolds me about what happened in the restaurant. He does not like me any more. He does not like my company. I have come to know that he has started showing interest in some other females also. I am just living like a prisoner in the four walls of my home. I can not tolerate when my husband calls some another females for teaching me the lesson. What should I do. Suggest me the best possible way which could relieve me from the tension & make my life happy & blissful as it was earlier.

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