my true love story – by a girl in english

My name is…….I am studying in B.A. One  Day I was with my family in a marriage party. In the marriage party, there was a boy who had come from England to attend the marriage party. That boy was brother’s friend. My brother suggested me that boy for my marriage. After some hesitation, I agreed for the marriage with him. After all he was my brother’s friend and my brother knew fully about his habits and standard of living. In my heart of hearts, I started liking him. The day of our engagement was fixed, because she was to go to England after the engagement.

One day, he was in our home, on the very next day, he was about to go to England. I was alone in the room and his phone was lying beside me. The phone rang. This was the call from England. I picked up the phone. A lady started talking and enquired about my fiancé. She told me that she is his wife in England. I was completely shattered and thought of talking to him about it. When I enquired about it, he told me that he got married in England just to get P.R. otherwise he does not have any relations with her. But I did not agree to him because he must have told me this thing before engagement. I did not go to the airport to see off him as I was angry with him. I did not tell anything about my parents about it.

When he reached England, he called me & tried to convince me as I was angry because he had not told about his marriage in England. He was on bike at that time. I was talking to him. A car stuck in to his bike and he died in the accident. I was on the phone. I started crying bitterly. I had never imagined that this would be the end of my love story. Now two years have passed. But I am not able to forget him till now. My friends always advise me to get out of that incident suggest me the best way.

Some time I blame myself for all that what happened . Had I not been angry with him about his marriage in England and convinced with him  , he would have been alive now . But what is written in fate can n’t be denied. My parents advise me to get marry in order to get out of this incident . but I think , I do not have any place in my heart for anybody else in this world , suggest me what should I do .

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