obstacles in my love – english love story

My name is ..,… I study in B.com Prof. in IVth semester. I love a girl of my class. She is very decent and innocent. I falll in love with her at the time I saw her for the first time. She is intelligent in studies. From the last two weeks I was trying to propose her. But I did not have courage to ask her if she experience same type of feeling for me as I do. Moreover, I thought what would happen if she says no’ to my proposal. I had learnt from somebody that she already had a boy friend. but I was not confirmed about it and my heart did not agree to it.

One day I proposed her for friendship. She accepted my proposal I was surprised to find that how an innocent and simple girl can agree to my proposal so easily. When I was going back to my home. A boy came in my way and asked me about that girl whom I had proposed. He warned me to keep away from that girl as she is his girl friend. The girl is ready to have friendship with me but his boyfriend has complete control ever her.

Next day, when I reached college, I talked to her about that boy who had come in my way when I was going to my home. she told me that he was her boyfriend earlier. But now she does not love him any more and just want to get rid of him as he is not the boy of her choice and she told me that one day he had asked her to come in restaurant with him and desired to have relations with her. That is way she doesn’t like him any more. I am in complete confusion. I want to know completely about that girl before having friendship. And if I develop friendship with her, that boy may hurt me as he had threatened me earlier also. What should I do. Suggest me the best way.


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