my untold love story – english

My name is….. I am 26 years old. I had a friend (girl). She was in love with a boy who belonged to the high class of society. A tussle was going on between my friend and her boy friend. In order to remove their in differences I ventured myself. I proved successful to some extent. their misunderstanding was removed & they came close to each other. But after some time I came to know from the boy that in-differences again have taken place between them. The fault always was from girl’s side she always misunderstood her boy friend.

Again they employed me to remove their misunderstanding. but this time, I started understanding the boy’s nature. and I felt that I had gone to the extent of liking that boy. As he was always supporting to the girl I liked his this type of nature. One day, I openly told him that I have started liking him. It was the time when they had gone for away from each other. I started feeling jealousy when he talked about that girl (my friend). Now the girl has been married to some one else. I want to marry that boy. But I belong to very poor strata of society and he belongs to extremely rich family. His family does not agree to accept me as their daughter- in- law. Now we are planning of running away from our native land to some another country for the purpose of marriages. We cannot live without each other.

Suggest us the best way.

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