my love story

My name is…….. I am 25 years old. I live in a village. I started liking the boy of my street. One day that boy proposed me for friendship & I happily accepted his proposal. Our friendship lasted for more than five years. He used to come in my home in the beginning of our friendship. But as the time passed my parents came to know about it & they strictly to told him to keep away from their daughter. After that we started meeting each other stealthily. The whole village had come to know about our friendship with each other. He used to take me from my college. We usually went to the restaurants for fun. As he was out of word, his parents decided to send him abroad and they pressed him to get marry as they would remain alone after his going to abroad.

My parents do not agree for my marriage with him because we do not belong to the same caste.

Under the pressure of his parents, he married to the girl of his parents choice. After two months of his marriage, he went to abroad. Now he has a son also. He calls me even from abroad and he wants to keep in contact with me. We often keep on talking with each other on phone late night. He tells me that he has got married just under the pressure of his parents & he does not experience any sort of love with the lady with whom he is married.

My parents want to get me marry with the boy of their choice. But I am not able to forget him. Suggest me the best option.


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